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Metaverse – Sneak Peak of the Meta World View

Introducing Meta – Sneak Peak of the Metaverse World View

Metaverse,  Meta, a new buzzword keeping you up with the future.

Imagine, if the movie Ready Player One take form in reality. There is a place where you could create your dream character and represent it in the Oasis world. The possibilities are endless.

The Metaverse, an evolutionary concept of the Oasis worldview; the universe interconnected virtual worlds is the latest buzzword that has been hyped up since 2021. meta

You might not recognize the word “Metaverse” until Facebook changed its company into Meta. This unexpected and revolutionizing bold move knocked and shocked the world.

But, what the hell is METAVERSE? And, what the hell does it have to do with Mark Zuckerberg? Does the cost of 71 Billion, serve as a trial or a bargain for this Meta CEO?

What exactly is Metaverse?

Why do we need Meta when we have this universe?

The emerging digital universe where people can experience a parallel life to their real-world existence.

Nowadays, due to the convenience of digital transformation, people are absorbing various information from sporadic sources, learning tech words such as Blockchain, Metaverse, non-fungible token (NFT).

But in reality, people only give a fxxk about mundane events that directly and immediately conflict their daily life. As the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Although the occurrence of new Information Technology has raised awareness to us. What does a Footwear manufacturing company—-Nike, has to do with the future of Metaverse? Most importantly, as a multi-billion company, what introspect towards Metaverse do Nike have, putting them “one foot ahead” of the game? meta meta

  After Facebook becomes Meta, another bombshell dropped by Nike; Nike announced its acquisition of RTFKT studio, which produces digital collectibles and it is also known as the most prominent names in the NFT space. Two heads of sneakers kingdom, in real and virtual world, combined and interrelated.

“This acquisition is another step that accelerates Nike’s digital transformation and allows us to serve athletes and creators at the intersection of sport, creativity, gaming and culture,”

(Nike president John Donahoe.)

In apparent, Nike has prepared to deeply involve in Metaverse. It has collaborated with Roblox to build a virtual world, Nikeland; and filed over half a dozen of Nike’s logo and slogan’s trademarks about covering the categories of downloadable virtual goods for online virtual world usage. meta meta

There will be an enormous financial potential in new immersive reality, bring new user experience in Metaverse. The question is, what kind of potential could brands integrate in their current business modal? And should brands all start to invest their energy into this digitalized future? meta meta

“Nike sees both the scarcity culture in streetwear and limited-edition drops in digital world, how about in your industry?”

Here’s the thing. meta

Metaverse is referenced through movies (for instance, Ready Player One or The Matrix) where people could project themselves as a representation through a virtual character or even build up a world they dream of.

Instead of keeping those possibilities in imagination, Nike accelerates its pace by creating an Apparel Metaverse, a huge breakthrough and growth of the virtual apparel industry

From Nike’s pattern, we can acknowledge some perspectives of “Steps into Metaverse”, and I will say, you should all give its a serious thought on this point of view ^^

Firstly, when Nike was partnering with Roblox to create a virtual world to bring users into an immersive experience, it has started to lay foundation for brand’s content experience and therefore enhancing customer loyalty.

Interactive content is gradually becoming a mainstream tunnel to access brand’s target audience. Most of the companies have prioritized their marketing omni-channel into a more interactive way. In other words, distinguishing this “unique user behavior” from social media, such as Instagram Reels with Brick & Mortars’ VR experience. Research data from LinkedIn indicated 75 percent of millennials and gen-Zs value “experiences over exteriors”. meta

Every aspect of our lives has gradually verified:

We are all tech savvy and we are closely to the world called, Metaverse.






“In Nikeland, users can freely engage with Nike in their own personalized avatar and try dope things,” behind this sentence, there are several meanings can be assimilated.

PersonalizedEngagementSales database are three core elements in the future marketing. With the help of new technology, brands can accelerate the corporate performance!

  1. Personalized. Every user can create their own avatar freely with their preferred Nike’s item or any limited edition they could not afford in real life.
  2. Engagement.Thanks to digital era, technology lessen the boundaries from brands and their audience bonding together. Nike offers free and fun interaction from users’ mobile devices and inserts different sport events to bring the gaming element into the virtual world. It can encourage users to gain interest in brand culture, which easily build up brand loyalty organically.
  3. Sales database. Everything is about increasing sales revenue. From the beginning, users choose their outfit from digital showroom to dress up their avatars with latest product lines, also integrate a bunch of virtual experience to tease future item for potential selling point. This allows Nike to maintain a deep connection with new generation and eventually guild into REAL world cashflow.

There are much more benefits for brands to try on the new shoes of jumping into new era of Metaverse, but with previous perspectives, it can be sure that technology transformation could enhance how business limitlessly connect with their audience easily and freely. Immersive experience will be a primary retail strategy in the future.



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